short : Moderation tool - weed out the thiefs author : (Neil Williams) uploader : neil tkgbbs freeserve co uk (Neil Williams) type : comm/mmgr architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 19.38K Date : 29-Oct-98 Download : 💾
MM_FindPirates v1.1 ©1998 Neil Williams / TKG Software Some serious bugs made it into the 1.0 release, so I decided to release a fixed 1.1 version immediately. Due to the small archive size of this program it makes more sense to resend all the updated files rather than creating a patch for the old version. Introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~ MM_FindPirates is a utility which scans specified areas for messages which contain the 'finger prints' of pirate software. If one of these messages is found a message is sent to the boss (if the message is from a point) or to the Network Co-Ordinator (if its from a node, the co-ordinator is always at the /0 address in the network) MM_FindPirates is intended for use by area moderators or those in charge of mail networks who wish to ensure that the mail (which is ultimatly their responsibility) is kept legal. It was inspired by MM_FindSpotPirates.rexx v1.0, by Tomasz Nidecki. MM_FindPirates was written with the help Robert Hofmann's MM_RexxDevelopperKit, which made writting this much easier! Thanks Robert! :) History: 1.1 -- 6/6/98 -- Bug fixes 1.0 -- 6/6/98 -- First Release
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