short : MM_Flame v0.55 An area-moderation tool author : Robert Hofmann 2:2490/1015.0@FidoNet, 39:171/101.0@AmigaNet uploader : aliberti mbox vol it (Pino Aliberti) type : comm/mmgr version : 0.55 replaces : comm/mmgr/MM_Flame051.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 54.77K Date : 9-Dec-96 Download : 💾
L L L L LLLLL L LLL L L LLLLL LL LL LL LL L L L L LL LL L L L L L L L LLLL L LLLLL L L L LLLL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L LLLL L L L L LLLLL L L LL LLLL LLLL L L L L L L L L L L LLL LLL L L L L L L L LL L LLL LLL (C) 1995/96 Robert Hofmann MM_Flame... ... is able to insert rules, texts etc into your flames ... is able to handle notes, flames and suspentions ... is able to notify the boss/node/Hub/NEC/REC ... is able to automaticaly post your rules, e.g via cron ... is able to manage more than one area of course ... fully user-configurabe: texts, requesters, msgs etc ... keeps statistics over all flames etc which you had to give ... archives the flames (the orig. msg & your reply) ... simple takes a lot of work from you! 0.50 (14.04.96) + improved logging + if you use >=MM 1.2, the ARexx-priority now will be set to MM's #TASKPRI. + Now the FlameLog is correctly sorted by Name/Address/Date ************************************************************** * * * ATTENTION: Due to the new date-structure, your FlameLog * * MUST be converted!!! You'll find a small script * * called MM_Flame_ConvLog.rexx. Use it like * * * * rx MM:Rexx/MM_Flame_ConvLog * * * ************************************************************** 0.51 (27.04.96) + now also the foot-kludges will be archived... 0.55 (02.12.96) + added #(NO)BACKUPLOG to keep always a backup of your last flames-log The archive is requestable on my system under the names "MM_Flame_v0.55.lzx" or "MMFLM055.LZX". _ o Robert Hofmann 2:2490/1015@FidoNet 37:108/220@TrekNet |<)_/# 39:171/101@AmigaNet 107:1805/230@TrekNet TT
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