short : (Auto)Messages posting-tool for MM >=1.1 author : (Robert Hofmann) uploader : MM_Utils-Keeper quasar xs4all nl (Eric Krieger) type : comm/fido version : 0.61 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 21.51K Date : 16-Apr-96 Download : 💾
L L L L LL LL LL LL L L L L L L L L L L L L L L LLL LLLLL L L LLLL L L LLL LLL L L LL L L L LL LL L L LLL LLLL L L L L L L L L LLL L LLL L L L LL L L L L L L L LLL LLLLL L L LLLL L L LLL LLL L L LL LL L L L L L L LL L L L L LLL L L L L L L L L L L LL L LL L (C) 1994-96 Robert Hofmann MM_SendMsg is a simple tool for Mail Manager by Pino Aliberti to send a msg in a certain area. This is usefull e.g. for system-deamons which will notify system or something like that. MM_SendMsg... ... is able to send/post msgs in any area ... is able to automatically split msgs if a certain size is reached 0.60 (13.04.96) + code optimized * argument-parsing completly rewritten!!! PLEASE READ THE DOCS!!! But the old methode will still work + added possibility to auto-split msgs + added possibility to set also the fromaddr 0.61 (14.04.96) - the archive was not correclty created: my release-generator had a bug :-) Here now the correct archive... + if you use >=MM 1.2, the ARexx-priority now will be set to MM's #TASKPRI. _ o Robert Hofmann 2:2490/1015@FidoNet 37:108/220@TrekNet |<)_/# 39:171/101@AmigaNet 107:1805/230@TrekNet TT
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