short : Terminal program to access PLATO systems author : (Thomas Cherryhomes) uploader : polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal) type : comm/term version : 0.2.1 requires : serial Internet connection architecture : m68k-amigaos url : Filetype : application/octet-stream Size : 880.00K Date : 10-Dec-18 Download : 💾
PLATOTerm 0.2.1 Smoke Test for Amiga Users 0.2 has been superseded, as a major show stopper bug was squashed, and I went ahead and implemented the Serial menu, including the devices requester so that users could test with alterate serial device files. -Thom This version is for users with WIFI modems connected to their RS-232 serial port. It uses the default serial.device, for now. The Settings->Devices requester has been implemented, so it is now possible to specify alternate serial devices, such as baudbandit.device or telser.device (the latter works very well for TCP/IP devices). Changes since 0.1 There is a new Amiga splash screen, in this version. The font requirement in the previous release has been removed, as the required font data is now embedded within the program. Also, as a result, the installer script is no longer needed, and has been removed from the 2.x version of the disk. Note: This is a test release, intended to test whether PLATOTerm works outside of emulation. The program is still being developed, and many user interface features are missing. If you can help with finishing development, please fork the repository on GitHub. Otherwise, please test, and let us know in the Issues if the terminal adversely does not at the very least: Please test Set your baud rate in Serial Preferences (be sure to set RTS/CTS if you can use it!) Set your serial buffer size large enough (e.g. 4000 bytes) Start up Communicate with your modem (AT OK) Connect to IRATA.ONLINE Reliably transfer data at the chosen baud rate and buffer settings. Properly exit the program. Ensure that the Keys and Palette windows in Help work correctly. Loading PLATOTerm Once installed, PLATOTerm can be accessed simply by clicking on its icon. Thanks to AmigaL0ve for the icon! Using PLATOTerm PLATOTerm will then display a splash screen, indicating that it is ready for use. Once you see this splash screen, the terminal is ready for use, and you can send commands to your WIFI modem, to connect to a PLATO service, such as IRATA.ONLINE: ATDTIRATA.ONLINE:8005 or, CYBER1.ORG ATDTCYBERSERV.ORG:8005 For this initial testing release, the baud rate is set in Preferences. Be sure to set your baud rate and receive buffer size large enough (at least 4000 bytes). The menu items for setting these parameters are still being worked on, and are currently not functional. PLATO Keyboard The PLATO keyboard is mapped to the Amiga keys, in this manner: PLATO KEY Amiga KEY ANS CTRL-A BACK CTRL-B SHIFT-BACK CTRL-SHIFT-B COPY CTRL-C SHIFT-COPY CTRL-SHIFT-C DATA CTRL-D SHIFT-DATA SHIFT-CTRL-D EDIT CTRL-E SHIFT-EDIT SHIFT-CTRL-E FONT CTRL-F ÷ CTRL-G HELP CTRL-I SHIFT-HELP SHIFT CTRL-H LAB CTRL-L SHIFT-LAB SHIFT-CTRL-L SUPER CTRL-P SHIFT-SUPER SHIFT CTRL-P SQUARE CTRL-Q ACCESS SHIFT CTRL-Q STOP CTRL-S SHIFT-STOP SHIFT CTRL-S TERM CTRL-T × CTRL-X SUB CTRL-Y SHIFT-SUB SHIFT CTRL-Y Problems? This is early test software. If you have problems, please raise an issue, and I will address them and cut a new release. I am releasing this early and often so that everyone can test, and we can in the end, end up with a better piece of software, faster.
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