short : HelloVOID demo author : (Massimiliano Scarano) uploader : mscarano libero it (Massimiliano Scarano) type : demo/intro version : 1.0 20180225 architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 648.56K Date : 3-Apr-18 Download : 💾
(c) 2018 Massimiliano Scarano Support my projects for Amiga with a PayPal donation thanks. PayPal donate to Coded by Massimiliano "AlienTech" Scarano for the Amiga demo group VOID. This demo shows how to make direct programming of the Commodore Amiga hardware using C language. It is designed like in the early 90s. It consists of the following "old-school" effects: - sine scroller (blitter) - 2D stars (hardware sprites) - MOD music (paula) The Player Playroutine P6112 assembled with PhxAss V4.40. Compiled with SAS/C 6.58 and Includes release 40.13 (AmigaOS 3.1). Source code supplied for educational purpose only. Both .exe and .adf supplied. It should work on any PAL Amiga, with a Motorola 68000 cpu and OCS chipset, and whatever OS (Kickstart + Workbench) version. Tested OK: - Amiga Forever 2013 (WinUAE) - Minimig V1.1 OCS, 68SEC000 / 7.09 MHz (Normal), 512 KB Chip, 0 KB Fast, Kickstart 1.3 - Minimig V1.1 OCS, 68SEC000 / 7.09 MHz (Normal), 512 KB Chip, 512 KB Fast, Kickstart 1.3 - Minimig V1.1 ECS, 68SEC000 / 49.63 MHz (Turbo), 1 MB Chip, 512 KB Fast, Kickstart 1.3 Version history: - V1.0 20180225, first public release Notes: - My Minimig configuration: Bootloader BYQ100413 FPGA core FSB150520 ARM Firmware AYQ100818 - The demo should run at constant full frame rate (50 Hz), the screen is updated every frame. - Commodore Includes 40.13 were distributed with SAS/C 6.51. - RAW gfx format consists of all rows of the 1st bitplane, followed by all rows of the 2nd bitplane and so on. - Build with: > phxass p61.s > sc link HelloVOID_V1_?_YYYYMMDD.c p61.o - Run the following on a very fast Amiga to enjoy a 1 pixel sine scroller: > HelloVOID.exe turbo Many thanks to Esau for his music.
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