short : Library of Efficient Datatypes and Algorithms author : Stefan N"aher ( uploader : fach5 cipsol cs uni-sb de (Gerhard Leibrock) type : dev/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.04M Date : 30-Nov-94 Download : 💾
This archive contains the source code for the LEDA linker libs for g++. To compile the LEDA linker libs, you need also either o LEDA-3.1c-generic.lha (ANY amiga with OS 2.x) o LEDA-3.1c-high.lha (>= 68020, 68881, OS 2.x) because these archives contain the needed include files (And compiled linker libs, example programs, etc). I didn't include them into this archive, because if you want to use LEDA, you should have one of the files above. LEDA A Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms Stefan N"aher Max-Planck-Institut f"ur Informatik Im Stadtwald, 6600 Saarbr"ucken, FRG LEDA gets used at the ``Universit"at des Saarlandes'' in Saarbr"ucken (Germany). So I have to use it for various reasons. This is why I ported it to the amiga with some limitations: o Had to rename 3 include files, because the amiga can't distinguish between upper and lower case letters concerning filenames. o Function ``used_time()'' may not work correctly when used with NTSC machines. o DaggeX 1.0b required to use graphic output (No native amiga graphic supported) Gerhard, November 1994 Gerhard Leibrock, Neuhaeuselerstr. 12, 66459 Kirkel, T.: (+49) 06849/6134 e-mail:
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