short : Automatic Translation Tool for .ct files V0.2 author : (Christos Dimitrakakis) uploader : olethros geocities com (Christos Dimitrakakis) type : dev/misc architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 23.43K Date : 22-Jul-00 Download : 💾
-A simple-minded translator, specifically for .ct files. -It needs a phrasebook to work. -Latest Uk2Gr.phrasebook included in the archive. Latest Changes -------------- Sorting/optimization of phrasebooks. Look at other weird stuff from me: /dev/basic/bgp.lha - Blitz Genetic-Programming Environment /dev/basic/gasp.lha - Genetic Algorithm Sample Packer in Blitz /dev/misc/SimpTrans.lha - Simple Automatic Translation of .ct files! /dev/misc/ST_uk2gr.lha - Uk2Gr phrasebook for SimpTrans /dev/misc/YAAV.lha - YAAV V0.99 - Yet Another Autodoc Viewer /game/shoot/allrox.lha - HardCore FRENETIC shootem'up - HARD! FAST! OUCH! /game/actio/wreckage.lha - Experimental Driving Sim /game/actio/wreckage_src.lha - Source for driving sim (older version) /mus/misc/filtersound.lha - Cli-Based FIR/IIR sample filter /util/pack/agf.lha - AGF V0.9 n*8-bit Sample Pre-Packing Processor Olethros --------
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