short : NList custom classes for MUI author : NList Open Source Team uploader : Jens Maus type : dev/mui version : 0.125 replaces : dev/mui/MCC_NList-0.124.lha requires : AmigaOS V37+, MorphOS or AROS, MUI 3.8+, HotkeyString.mcc architecture : ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2; i386-aros; ppc-aros; x86_64-aros Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.99M Date : 29-Dec-18 Download : 💾
ABOUT NList *********** This is a MUI custom class package containing replacements for the List/Listtree/Listviews/Floattext/Bitmap/Balance MUI built-in classes. Horizontal scrolling is fully supported, as well as smooth scrolling, word wrap, clipboard support, the classic char selection possibility, drag & drop and many other features. The user can change the column width with the mouse, and column titles can act as buttons. A NListviews.mcp prefs class is included, allowing the user to change backgrounds, pens, fonts, scrollbars mode, drag & drop mode, multiselect mode, keys, qualifiers and more. Also included is a Floattext.mui replacement that uses NFloattext.mcc, enabling copy to clipboard and key moving. This package includes: NList.mcc 20.144 28.12.2018 NListview.mcc 19.99 28.12.2018 NFloattext.mcc 19.80 28.12.2018 NListviews.mcp 19.95 28.12.2018 NListtree.mcc 18.51 28.12.2018 NListtree.mcp 18.39 28.12.2018 NBitmap.mcc 15.29 28.12.2018 NBalance.mcc 15.25 28.12.2018 INSTALLATION ************ 1. Extract the archive to a temporary directory: > cd RAM: > lha x MCC_NList.lha 2. Go to the "MCC_NList/Libs/MUI/" directory where is the directory matching the operating system you want to install the NList classes for, e.g.: > cd MCC_NList/Libs/MUI/AmigaOS4 3. Copy all the #?.mcc and #?.mcp files found in that directory to the global "MUI:libs/mui/" directory on your system partition. > copy #?.mcc MUI:Libs/mui/ > copy #?.mcp MUI:Libs/mui/ 4. Reboot and enjoy the new version ;) LEGALESE ******** The NList/NListview/NFloattext classes were originally written in 1996 and are Copyright (C) 1996-1997 by Gilles Masson, whereas the NListtree classes were originally written in 1999 and are Copyright (C) 1999-2001 by Carsten Scholling. Since 2001, both class families are maintained and Copyright (C) 2001-2018 NList Open Source Team. The complete NList package is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and the development is hosted at Please consult the included "COPYING" file for more detailed information about the licensing of the classes and their source code. CHANGES SINCE THE LAST RELEASE ****************************** Please refer to the included ChangeLog in the archive for more detailed information on the changes since the last public release. __ / / __ / / Only Amiga makes it possible... / / __/ Amiga is a trademark of Amiga, Inc.
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