short : A flappy bird clone (MorphOS port) author : Nebuleon Fumika, hi-ban, jxv uploader : Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki) type : game/misc version : 1.0 architecture : ppc-morphos distribution : Aminet kurz : Ein Flappy Bird Klon (MorphOS port) Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 13.08M Date : 1-Feb-18 Download : 💾
============== = Hocoslamfy = ============== You are a small bee and you must fly to avoid the bamboo shoots! MorphOS port by bitRocky I also made some changes: 29-Jan-2018: - made changes to the DATA_PATH for MorphOS - don't fail if BGM fails to load, just don't play BGM because sometimes loading BGM fails, don't know why - added an icon from data/bee.png - added support for pressing any mousebutton to jump and enter the game - the highscore is now saved in the current dir - don't print "successfully" commands, only if something failed
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