short : E-UAE/WHDLoad integration with Ambient author : Korni, Manfred 'asrael22' Bergmann uploader : Marcin 'Korni' Kornas type : misc/emu version : 1.1 requires : AmigaOS 3.1 Workbench3.1 Disk, Kickstart 3.1, 1.3 ROM images, E-UAE, WHDLoad, rmh, wget, sed, paste. architecture : ppc-morphos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 27.61K Date : 5-Nov-18 Download : 💾
WHDLOpener package integrates E-UAE/WHDLoad with MorphOS/Ambient. WHDLoad games can be started by running the slave file or just the game icon. ADF images can be run in E-UAE, mounted in MorphOS and emulated AmigaOS. WHDLOpener is configured to run E-UAE on a lores 24Bit 320x256 screen. Make sure your screenmodes are set up. If your monitor does not support 320x256, edit A1200_WHDLoad.conf, replace 320x256 with 640x512, set "gfx_linemode=double" and "gfx_lores=no". Context menu for slave file has additional entry to run E-UAE in the windowed mode. It can be changed in the MIME settings for x-amigaos-whdload. Only first E-UAE instance has UAE ARexx port. Starting multiple games at the same time will not work. Paths/Volumes need to be the same both on MorphOS and emulated AmigaOS. If you add or rename a volume in your system and want to run WHDLoad games from it - don't forget to add this volume in the E-UAE config. E-UAE can be quit by CTRL ALT Q. For more information regarding E-UAE or other WHDLOpener external component refer to original documentation. Custom tooltypes are not supported. Installation can be made offline if these packages are in the main directory: E-UAE_1.0.0-JIT.lha.xz rmh.lha skick346.lha WHDLoad_usr_small.lha xpk_User.lha Orginated from:
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