short : Dance Mod by Olethros (2 versions) author : (Christos Dimitrakakis) uploader : olethros geocities com (Christos Dimitrakakis) type : mods/house architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 190.05K Date : 8-Oct-97 Download : 💾
Dance tune with similar properties to Proffessional Widow (overwhelming bassline and strange synths) There are 2 versions -------------------- Version 1 is a normal 4-channel mod and has all the instruments in the file Version 2 is an 8-channel SS mod with some complex and weird synth chords towards the end. (and some minor cosmetic differences) In order to listen to version 2, load up SoundStudio (demo version will do) load in version one, and then version 2. Normally, instruments would be kept in place. It will however produce an error about an instrument. Hit continue, and then load up the afflicted instrument in the appropriate place (it is included in the archive)
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