short : JungleEp2 p2 - Riding on a bus author : Tarmslyng/loonies uploader : madsl_ forum dk type : mods/jungl architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 179.89K Date : 26-May-99 Download : 💾
Name: Riding on a bus Net-Label: Loonies Records Project: De 1000 n0gne 0rers psychedeliske elefant project Lenght: 1:50 min Style: Jungle Format: MED (octamed) 4ch Tempo: 170 spd Size: 289 k (unpacked) Date: 26-5-97 Voices: Beatles Comment: This was my second jungle track. If you like this kind of jungle then tjek the other part of this jungle-Ep2 out. You'll finde it under the name: lns32_jungEp1.lha Contact the label at: e-mail: or fidonet: 2:236/29.9 Home-page: or
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