short : Dog on a string - hardstep jungle mix author : Tarmslyng/Loonies uploader : madsl_ forum dk type : mods/jungl architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 385.19K Date : 10-Jun-99 Download : 💾
Name: Hund i snor (dog on a string) Orginal: "unkown" Project: Loonies Records remix division Remixer: Tarmslyng Lenght: 01:16 min Style: Hardstep jungle mix Format: MOD (protracker) 4ch Tempo: 178 bpm Size: 484 K (unpacked) Date: X-4-99 Sampels: All beats sampled by my self, the blips was made by Roz and the bas by Substance. Comment: The original song is taken from an local radio station in Copenhagen witch transmit jungle. Because of this I really dont know the name of it. Enyway this remix was used in the demo "Valhalla" by Loonies, witch won the Icing 99 demo compo... Contact the first non-exsisting non-profit net-label at: e-mail: or fidonet: 2:236/29.9 Home-page: or
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