short : MusicMaker V8 Historic German Manual author : Thomas Winischhofer uploader : thomas winischhofer net (Thomas Winischhofer) type : mus/edit version : 2.358 architecture : generic kurz : MusicMaker V8: Historische dt. Anleitung Filetype : application/pdf Size : 8.32M Date : 14-Feb-18 Download : 💾
"MusicMaker V8" ("MMV8") is a sample-based music editor I wrote between 1987 and around 1993. It's not "just another tracker", it's instead based on macros which apply to one channel only. These macros can be combined freely to form a tune. MMV8 includes a very powerful sample-editor and a sophisticated technique for providing eight channels (each capable of playing at different volume levels) on a standard Amiga. It was actually the very first program on the market back then with eight completely independent channels. This is a historic German manual for the program which I reconstructed from the original "Word 5.5. for DOS" files I found on an old harddrive in late 2017. It covers Version 2.358 of MusicMaker, not the much improved version 3 which is in Aminet. However, since there never was a proper manual for version 3, this is as good as it gets. The manual was only ever available in German and French. Unfortunately, I never got the French files from Data Becker (the company that published MusicMaker back in the 1990s).
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