short : MusicMakerV8 players for UADE author : Thomas Winischhofer uploader : thomas winischhofer net (Thomas Winischhofer) type : mus/play version : 5.03u architecture : m68k-amigaos kurz : MusicMakerV8 Player für UADE Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 14.36K Date : 16-Mar-18 Download : 💾
This is an update for the "MusicMaker-4V"/"MusicMaker-8V" players included in the latest version of UADE (2.13). They also work with all other players openly or secretly using UADE (such as bzrplayer, and others). The following changes were made: - Added support for MMV8-3.0-modules - some minor changes (ModuleInfo better, obsolete SaveModule removed) All that right on time for MusicMaker's 30th birthday. Just replace "MusicMaker-4V" and "MusicMaker-8V" in your UADE installation with the files contained in the archive. (They usually reside in a "players" sub-directory.) **************************************************************************** Important: Sometime between 1993 and 2017, someone took it on himself to decide that MusicMaker files need to be named ""/"" in order to be recognized by replayer applications such as UADE. I don't know who that was, I just know it wasn't me. So, unfortunately, you need to rename your files accordingly before they get played back. If your tune is saved in split files, rename all of them, eg "MM4.ALF.sdata" and "MM4.ALF.ip" etc. If the tune is in EXT-mode, use the prefix "MM8". **************************************************************************** Revision 5.03: - Fix 4-channel player glitch on some 68060-based systems Revision 5.02: - Allow "Fast" mode again (after disabling it in 5.01) for authentic replay.
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