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Full title: Future bandits Resolution: 1024 * 768 Format: JPG File size: 359.083 bytes Author's comments: (this image won the raytrace competition at The Gathering'98) Well, I always wanted to make a "fly through a tunnel" or something similar. My main source of inspiration, was a huge construction site which took place just outside of my previous working place. Every day on my way to and from work I would always look for some interesting facts about the site. Like how the site changed over time, new machines, how the light affected the surfaces of the various materials at different times of the day, etc. I always found something which I could use in my scene, I would just twist it a bit to give it a bit more futuristic look. This image was done over a period of about 3 months, working during weekends mostly. Total amount of: Faces: 800 000+ Objects: 2500+ Lights: 26 Materials/Textures/Maps: 40+ Hardware: PPro180Mhz/64Mb RAM, no 3d acceleration Software: 3DSMax2 and Photoshop 4 Rendering time: about 2.5hrs (800x600) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more info on the author's work check out his homepage at If you are interested in scene graphics you should check out
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