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This is a picture of my old A500 Plus Tower project. I actually completed it and had it going good for a long time. The casing was homemade by bending aluminum into the right shapes and then screw them together. The tower was mounted with a 200 Watts AT power-supply. The following thing was mounted into the tower. 路The A500 Plus motherboard with 2Mb chipram. 路VXL30 with a 68030/25 MhZ and a 68882/33 MhZ, both boosted to 40 MhZ. 路RAM32 with 2Mb 32bit Fastram. 路GVP HD8+ SCSI-Controller 路2 x 1Gb SCSI Quantum Fireball harddisks. 路8Mb 16Bit Fastram mounted on the GVP-board. 路GVP DSS8+ Sampler. 路3 DD floppies. 路Kickstart 1.3 and 3.1. I eventually moved the things back to their original casings and sold it. Don't worry... I will NOT give up upon the AMIGA (look below). // Amiga 4000 Desktop Cyberstorm PPC/200 & 68060/50 // Cybervision 64/3D 4Mb 2Mb 24Bit Chip & 128Mb 64Bit Fast \\ // 2Gb SCSI-II & 1Gb IDE E-Tech Bullet 56KFlex Modem \X/ Pioneer 32xRead CD-Rom Panasonic 8xRead & 4xWrite CD-R/W Mustek SE12000SP Scanner Brother HL-1040 Laserprinter Hansol Mazellan 501P Monitor Canon BJC-600 Color printer
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