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Here are the pictures from The Amiga Web ( I have made two archives, one with the original gif pictures and one archive were I have converted the pictures to 16 colors iffs for esc machines. This archives contains the original pictures: --------------------------------------------- AMFTP, the File Transfer Protocol Client amftp1.gif (39K) - AMFTP during file transmission. amftp2.gif (32K) - Local and remote file selector windows. AMIRC, the Internet Relay Chat Client amirc1.gif (31K) - AMIRC server selection window. amirc1.gif (27K) - Main chatting and user list window. Mindwalker, the Web Browser mindwk1.gif (33K) - Mindwalker visiting Amiga Technologies' home page. mindwk2.gif (37K) - At DEC's Alta Vista. mindwk3.gif (37K) - Showing Yahoo! mindwk4.gif (50K) - Checking out Team 17. mindwk5.gif (98K) - Browsing the American Stock Exchange. Voodoo, the E-Mail Client voodoo1.gif (33K) - Main message window. --- CREATIVE LINKS __ Kenneth C. Nilsen /_/\ e-mail: "Everything you want" \_\/ Software & MultiMedia developer
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