short : Graphics preview of the set of WB Games author : uploader : xzvolsky email cz type : game/wb architecture : generic Filetype : image/jpeg Size : 140.74K Date : 17-May-99 Preview : Download : 💾
BWG is a set of system Workbench games with special support of MagicWB and standart 4-colors screen. The games will be sensitive to screen resolution. The Set will have at least four games such like Tetris, Mines, Brain etc. There could be much more games if I have some ideas or You can write me your own idea. If it will be good and will be added to BWG so get a registration for free. Also excellent music by Wolf will be included. The registration fee will be 15 US/DEM. Check out and Wolf's modules on Aminet: mods/sets/bl_audio.lha mods/sets/wolfmods.lha
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