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INTRODUCTION ------------ This archive contains exclusive screenshots of a new AGA shoot em up Enigma, static screenshots DO Not do this game justice believe me, you cannot hear the superb sample mixing see the mayhem encountered or play the randomised enemies this is by no doubt the most advanced game engine ever seen on the Amiga! The engine surrounding this title has a six year history "Enigma" is just the tip of the berg, Centillion have plans for many more releases on the Amiga platform should it prove financially viable so to all you Amiga nuts out there if there was ever a time to support the Amiga the time is now, remember you are all Amiga fanatics but rarely do you support the software creators, if you want your platform to survive please support the authors! Show Centillion the support they deserve and they will in no doubt give you the software you deserve, this is the first time you will ever see your AGA chipset used to its full capacity, Enigma heralds a landmark on the AGA machine! Amiga publications interested in current developments of Enigma please contact the distributors by the following methods :- Contact Steve Telephone OTM - +44- 01827-312302 E-Mail - Currently under construction is the Centillion web site, more information will be given on the next press release, this will hold the background of centillion and a theatre of game construction open to all developers aswell ofcourse all the news from projects keeping you all informed "hopefully" step by step the technical specifications for this game are as follows and believe me when I say they ALL exist! ENIGMA FEATURES ; o The most technically advanced and innovative horizontal scrolling multi-player shoot`em-up game on any home computer ever made! o Awesome graphics in crisp clean high-resolution detail - Featuring some spectacular 3D-Rendered imagery and some of the most fantastic hand crafted graphics and animation yet seen in a shoot`em-up. o A complete visual treat with upto 300 Colors on screen and full 50 frames per second action. No slowdown EVER, even when operating on a bog standard unexpanded machine! o Innovative Multi-layed full screen overscan parallax with varied playfield priorities and some radical special effects. o Random gameplay features, play a unique game every time, no two games the same - unpredicitable and exciting gaming every time! Collect weaponary powerup`s and discover hidden secrets! o The Best ever soundtracks, specially composed music created with high-end MIDI equipment and expertly converted for absolutely breathtaking results! o Music AND Sound effect mixing. Specially developed state-of-the-art realtime multi-channel sample interpolation & music overlaying techniques. Listen to the kicking soundtracks while you wipe out another enemy colony! o Full Language Localision supporting English, French, German and Itallian speaking people. o Fully hard-disk installable. Advanced automatic ram-caching for high speed loading out of memory when additional fast-ram is available. Takes full advantage of upto 4 Megabytes of additional fast-memory. If your machine has the extra grunt Enigma will use it! + much much more! Stay tuned very soon now for a FULL HALF-LEVEL PLAYABLE PREVIEW of this smash game - Its sure to be a hit, check it out and decided for yourself ! A Game by Centillion Software. Copyright ) 1996. All Rights Reserved.
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