short : V2.5 of my OS4 pic. (now 8-bit) author : (Jens Kristian Skogheim) uploader : jks Ringnett no (Jens Kristian Skogheim) architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 170.32K Date : 25-Oct-96 Download : 💾
This is my vision of OS 4.0 It's made using Opalvision in Hi-Res laced. And converted to 256 colors in ImageFX 1.50.. MAILWARE PICTURE!!! Mail me if U like the picture! Thanks for all the E-mail I already have recived... ( History: 2.5 The picture is now 8-bit and not 24-bit which took too lang tim to download! Added the "Undernet" #AmIRC text. Now the window title backgrounds are gradient Added the Amiga SuperTCP/IP Window. Removed the shellprefs loading text... Added a docking system Centered the memory text... also removed the "Power" from PowerAmigaOS... 2.1 Changed to RAM icon to a better looking one :) Added the prefs icon. Added some text in the top right corner. Changed the knobs in the Multiview menu. 2.0 Made the icons in the Workbench window more tidy. Removed the Netscrape icon. Thiner borders (requested by almost everybody who has seen this picture). Made some changes to the CPU window. Some other "bugs" fixed. 1.9 Added the Menu in the Multiview picture. Removed the "Device" icon and put the RAM/HD icons on the WB Screen instead. 1.8 Fixed the borders to be more compatible with the sliders. 1.5 Added the Multiview window. 1.1 Added the CPU window. 1.0 Made the picture... ...... Don't support Piracy! ...... Aminet: Thanks for the free CD :)
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