short : JPEG of Zool, WOC in Toronto,93 author : John Benn, We Wish We Knew uploader : gordon1 server uwindsor edu type : gfx/illu architecture : generic Filetype : image/jpeg Size : 47.48K Date : 20-Dec-93 Preview : Download : 💾
This is a Jpeg image of Zool, from the November World Of Commodore show in Toronto, Canada. Zool was actually a girl from the University of Western Ontario (London Ontario) who was hired to wear the costume. We were so amused by it that we convinced her to pose for a picture, which we also had printed out on the primera printer. The person posing in the shot with Zool is John Benn, base player for the every popular (at least, from Toronto to Windsor) band We Wish We Knew. He was the one who convinced the vendors, the primera people, and Zool to help him out, so he deserves all the credit. I am just the one with the Internet account. :) The advertisement they showed that will be used in UK to sell CD32 was amazing, very *sega like*. Also, I would *very* strongly recommend getting the MPEG module, for although Startrek IV was optimized for mpeg, it was *the* best still frame recording I have ever seen. It seems well worth the 200$ MSRP, and if enough people get them we may have some cool games with it too. :) I just had to say my piece . :) -Chris
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