short : See the CyberWB EVD used w/ ShapeShifter! author : Daniel Balster uploader : Daniel Balster type : pix/illu requires : a .gif file viewer architecture : generic Filetype : image/gif Size : 175.44K Date : 27-Aug-96 Preview : Download : 💾
This shows my CyberWB EVD (external video driver for ShapeShifter ) running on a workbench. Statistics: - WB: 1024x768x256 (80Hz) - MAC: 640x480x256 (also 80Hz :-) with Refreshrate 5 (usable) - CPU: 68040/30Mhz - RAM: 16MB of 36MB for the Mac I've choosed the colorwheel just to show you how accurate the remapping is. The (private) PaletteUtility shows you the actual palette of the Workbench, note that only 158 pens are allocated! CyberWB EVD allows you to - play Doom in a 320x200 window with refresh 2 - play .MOV/.AVI movies in a small window (like 320x200) with refresh 1 - edit HTML pages with Netscape 3.0 Gold on 480x640 (yes, vertical :-)
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