short : 'flatted' font Good for 640x256 screens author : (Daniel Mealha Cabrita) uploader : dancab polbox com (Daniel Mealha Cabrita) type : text/bfont architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.77K Date : 30-May-98 Download : 💾
This files includes the Achatada/6 font, an 8x6 font which enables you to fit more lines of text than the original Topaz/8. Comparative table: 640x200 NTSC 640x256 PAL Topaz/8 25 lines max. 32 lines max. Achatada/6 33 lines max. 42 lines max. This font is specially good for programmers using 15kHz monitors; you can fit more lines of code in screen without using headache-maker interlaced modes. Installation instructions: just copy the files inside the 'Fonts' drawer to respective places in FONTS: assignment.
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