short : 14x12 font designed for ECS 1280x400 resolution author : Jan Ullrich Bister ( uploader : Jan Ullrich Bister (w3f5bi ux-01 bg bib de) type : text/font architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.99K Date : 17-Jun-95 Download : 💾
HiType 12, version 1.1: a brandnew font which was especially made for reading texts containing 80 and more characters per line at a resolution of 1280 x 400 pixels (NTSC SuperHires) on ECS Amigas. No more hassles with Topaz! No more ugly rescalings of differently sized fonts!! No more trouble with fonts looking ugly because of wrong aspect ratios!!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!! This font is MAILWARE, so if you use it, you've got to send me at least one email (no matter what you tell me in it)... those without email access may still use the font :) it is intented as a gift to all the ECS users still out there... Come on, DOWNLOAD ME! I'm only 4K!! :) And check the docs in the lha file!! -- Created by Ullrich. © 1995 by SOUND OF ULLRICH Ltd. -- See ya!
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