short : The Nokia 51x0/61x0/+++ series font. author : Original by Nokia, copied by Michael Røstad Ilsaas uploader : Michael Røstad Ilsaas (mike c64 org) type : text/bfont architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.51K Date : 23-Jun-01 Download : 💾
This is the main font Nokia uses for their 32x0, 51x0, 61x0, 81x0 and 88x0 (I'm sure I forgot some) series of mobile phones. Yes, it is the one used to display SMS messages, so it can be used to create "ASCII art". It was made by hand, i. e. by looking at the phone display and copying it using a bitmap font editor. It is not 100% correct, but the letters and nubmers should all be right. I'm not sure about the legal issues here, but I don't expect a SWAT-team to burst my front door for this. :) -MikeRI,
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