short : Greek ELOT Times, Helvetica and Courier fonts author : (Sophocles Metsis) uploader : sopho computer org (Sophocles Metsis) type : text/bfont version : 2.0 (98.3.3) replaces : S_Fonts.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 41.47K Date : 3-Mar-98 Download : 💾
These fonts are based on the Times, Helvetica and Courier fonts provided by Commodore[RIP :'(]. They are the Greek version. I went ahead and did all the work because even though I could find lots of Greek Amiga fonts, they were in scalable formats, which are great but not in small sizes. I've done all the original sizes provided by Commodore so you can replace them in your favorite apps. If you think you can improve them, do so and send them to me. I'll include them in the next release. Architecture: generic This is release 2.0 of the archive which now includes the S_Couriergr font along with a few corrections of the previous release. -Sophocles
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