short : Set of Commodore 64 fonts author : Patrick Kellum uploader : Patrick Kellum type : text/bfont architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 14.29K Date : 15-Mar-98 Download : 💾
I made these fonts using the great font editor Typeface and the C64 emulator A64. A64 has one feature that the other C64 emulators don't, configurability! You can use and rip any C64 font among other things. I have tried to map these characters to their Amiga equevelents. Since the C64 has two font sets, a character graphics set and an uppercase/lowercase set, there are two fonts for some of the sets. I have a few other sets but these are my favorites and I got tired of converting them by the time I finished the Zoids set :-) C641, C642 The standard built in Commodore 64 fonts. CAD64 Nice font, most likely from the CAD64 software. Line1, Line2 The best C64 font I've ever seen, it's the font I use in A64 simply because it's the most readable and easyist on the eyes. Zoids A tech type font. Not very readable but still nice. A64 directory containing the A64 versions of these fonts.
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