short : Reader for the free+open e-book standard author : Carsten Siegner uploader : Carsten Siegner type : text/show version : 1.0 replaces : text/show/Epub-Reader_0.9.lha architecture : ppc-morphos >= 3.7 distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 5.49M Date : 3-Nov-14 Download : 💾
EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. Epub-reader displays these files. Verion 0.1: + First alpha Version 0.2: + Scan pathes correct now + Add info of Metadata + display the bookcover in metadata section + Display more text + Add header1 - header4 style parsing + Add text wrapping + Add scrollbar to display + Add default styles of plain text + Add default styles of header1 - 4 text - Disable the display of pictures. It needs more work. Version 0.3: + Enable display of pixelgrafik + Add workaround for comicbooks + Now corect layout of pixelgrafik Version 0.31: + The Cover Preview is now scalable + Fix the "Superman"-Bug :) + Displays now Comicbooks with more than 160 pages. Version 0.32: + Loads only EPUB's without DRM + Display lists + Display the table of contents of EPUB Version 3.0 - files. Version 0.4: + Support of Hyperlinks + Fix bug in textrenderer + Support of italic and bold styles (HTML 4.01) Version 0.5: + A SVG (Salable vector grafic) - Engine is now includet + Display of all versions of svg (extern file or embed in the html source) + Better recognition of cover images + support of more HTML 4.01 Styles + Change slider to scrollbar in the mui gui + More default styles in the settings window + Support of this keys: (shift) cursor up /cursor down Version 0.6: + No "blocks": Epub-Reader filter all unprintable chars. Special UTF8-Chars was moved in UTF8-Chartable to print them correctly. + "Real" use of Mousewheel. Now you can scroll the Ebook whith the wheel. + The Scrollbar is fixed: Now it scrolls exactly till the end of a page. Also it did't scroll, if a page is smaller then the display. + Two speed scrolling: LSHIFT + Mousewheele = Double scrollspeed. + Textwrapping arround pictures (see the screenshot) + Correct picturelayout (see screenshot) + HTML 4.01 Style Underline Version 0.7: + Never more not displayed pages + CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) + Parse Inline CSS (includet in "CDATA" section + Parse CSS Files in archive. + User changeable GUI + User selectable display of CSS or not + New settings window + Higher default fontsizes + New: Tooltypes debug_contents , debug_html, debug_css Version 0.8: New: Epub-Reader 0.8 + Start to add picture styles to css parser + Add more text styles to css parser / renderer + Add more text decorations to css-parser and renderer + More Debugoutput + Bugfixing + More ebooks are readable now Version 0.85: + Much more debug + Now are 100 % text displayed (please verify) + More css styles ( bg-color, bg-pic) + Handles better style search + Default font sizes are changed (please delete settings in ENV:/ENARC:) + Handels Unicode fonts now correctly Version 0.9: + Support of backgroundpicture - tag in css styles + New: Support of HTML 5 Media Tag + Includet async audioplayer + embed GUI of audioplayer Version 1.0: + Shell interface + App Window (Drop files to viewing...) + Export whole ebooks or single pages as PDF + improve html-tag parsing + bugfixing + Parse Emails (with OpenURL) + Improve memoryhandling of pictures + Fix a "KILL"-Bug of the cover-muiclass
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