short : Open amigaguide file at a specific node author : (Thomas Igracki) uploader : Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki) type : text/show version : 1.0 architecture : generic distribution : Aminet kurz : Amigaguide an bestimmter Stelle öffnen Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 788.00B Date : 11-Jan-16 Download : 💾
Usage: OpenGuide File/A,PN=PortName/K,AGNode,Line/N This little script opens an AmigaGuide file at a specific node. Example: s:OpenGuide help:english/ Word() Show the help for the ARexx command "Word()". The default value for the "PortName" option is "OPENGUIDE". The default value for the "AGNode" option is "MAIN", so if you just want to open an AmigaGuide, use this: s:OpenGuide help:english/
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