short : Like "RunBack" or "System" but much short and sweet. author : Marco Lugo, Via S. Giustina 29, C.A.P. 55100, Lucca, Italy uploader : Marco Lugo (hacking iol it) type : util/cli version : 1.8 replaces : first public release. architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : CD and Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 2.77K Date : 18-Nov-98 Download : 💾
AsyncRun V1.8 (15-11-98) (C) 1996-1998 by Marco Lugo This program is ANYWARE if You use it, please send me an email or anything else. :-) Wath AsyncRun does is execute a CLI command COMPLETELY in the backgrounds. That means that no connection exists between the background process and the window you executed it from. Copyright --------- AsyncRun is written and copyright © 1996-1998 by Marco Lugo. No parts of this program may be altered by any means (this includes editing, reprogramming, crunching, resourceing etc.), except archiving. Disclaimer ---------- The author is in no way liable for any changes made to any part of the program, or consequences thereof as he is in no way liable for damages or loss of data directly or indirectly caused by this software. Requirement ----------- To use this program you must have an Amiga with minimum AmigaOS 2.04 and a 68000 CPU. Arguments --------- NOASYNC/S : command isn't started in the background. STACK/K/N : stacksize for command. PRI/K/N : priority for command. COMMAND/F/A : the actual command and it's arguments. Example : AsyncRun STACK=8000 PRI=-1 COMMAND=Dh0:Tools/KeyShow If command is missing, AsyncRun just does nothing. AsyncRun is very short ---------------------- +-------------------------------+ | AsyncRun | size 564 bytes | |-------------------------------| | System | size 4016 bytes | |-------------------------------| | RunBack (*) | size 468 bytes | +-------------------------------+ (*) RunBack requires the "Null-Handler" (size 908 bytes), so the true size is 1376 bytes. Credits and Thanks ------------------ AsyncRun is written in assembler, compiled with PhxAss 4.38 by Frank Wille. The following persons deserve special thanks from me as they made a significant contribution to the development of AsyncRun: - Massimo Tantignone author of the wonderful "VisualPrefs" and my beta tester. - Dave Alderson for making the wonderful "Disect". - Frank Wille for making the "PhxAss" compiler. Address ------- If you have any bug-reports or suggestions then feel free to contact me: smail: Marco Lugo Via S. Giustina, 29 C.A.P. 55100 Lucca Italy email: ''' (o o) +------oOOO--(_)------------+ | | | INTEL OUTSIDE! | | | +------------------oOOO-----+ |__|__| || || ooO Ooo
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