short : Tiny program to move public screens around author : (Ali Graham) uploader : agraham hal9000 net au (Ali Graham) type : util/cli version : 0.2 requires : An Amiga 8-), OS 2+ architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.40K Date : 7-Aug-97 Download : 💾
*** Updated version: size reduced from 1056 to 728 bytes. Features: * Moves a screen to back or front. Template: SCREEN/A,BACK/S i.e. SCREEN/A - (Required) Screen to operate upon. BACK/K - (Switch) Move screen to back. The screen name is case-sensitive; you must provide it exactly as specified by the program that owns the screen. If the 'BACK' switch is used, then the program will push the named screen to the back, otherwise it will bring it to the front. Full source in AmigaE is provided; should even compile with E v2.1b (I use v3.2e, registered). This program is MailWare - mail me to say thanks/no thanks/ do a better job next time etc...
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