short : Grab Kickstart 1.3 to a file author : Edward Clarke ( uploader : Edward Clarke (ears poboxes com) type : util/boot architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 52.29K Date : 9-Jan-97 Download : 💾
KickStart 1.3 to file Documentation (17.12.96) ****************************************** | | | KickStart 1.3 to file | | | ****************************************** Program and documentation ©1996 Edward Clarke AMOS Pro and compiler ©1993 Europress Software Ltd. LhA archiver V1.51 ©1992 Stefan Boberg Introduction ------------ KickStart 1.3 to file is a program to grab the V1.3 Kickstart (or any other that occupies the same memory area) and save it to a file. Note that passing copies of the Kickstart around is totally illegal but if you own both then it might be OK, etc. KS1.3 to file Requirements --------------------------- o Any Amiga, but it seems a bit silly to grab half of KS2.0+ so a pre-KS2.0 machine is necessary to grab a whole ROM. o To use the ROM is up to you... KS1.3 to file Installation --------------------------- The archive contains: KS13tofile readme Unpack this to a disk and run it. Doh! Legal bit --------- (Distribution, Disclaimer and Copyright) This program is Freeware, and not public domain. It may be freely duplicated, passed around and transferred, as long as the archive and its contents remain completely and utterly unchanged (unless changed by me, Edward Clarke). It may not be sold for profit nor must administrative, duplicating and media charges made by PD libraries for this program exceed £2 sterling or equivalent. I cannot be held responsible for any damage made to you or your property by this software, whether or not as a result of this program's operation or its existence. I cannot be held responsible for the user's actions in relation to this or any other program. This means I am not liable for illegal use of the data contained on Kickstart chips. Use of the program implies that these conditions and terms of use and distribution are read, understood and agreed. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS-IS" AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE; NO WARRANTIES ARE MADE. ALL USE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY IS ASSUMED. KickStart 1.3 to file program and Documentation ©1996 Edward Clarke AMOS Pro and compiler ©1993 Europress Software Ltd. LhA archiver V1.51 ©1992 Stefan Boberg Cheers ------ Greetings to everyone! F1GP is the best game ever, and is much improved by the various utilities available, especially the excellent F1GP-Ed by Oliver Roberts. Play it! Use it! F1GP-Ed's brilliance has been rightly recognised as it was recently voted best software on Aminet in an Aminet charts document. Above all, you should continue to use your Amiga! There is a thriving Amiga community on the internet so the machine has much life in it yet. Contact me at or for parlance about anything whatsoever within or without this universe and its contents. Bye! ---- Edward Clarke ----
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