short : Powerful STRUCTURED Shell PEEK and POKE! uploader : simon studio woden com (Simon N Goodwin) architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 24.22K Date : 31-Mar-97 Download : 💾
Awesome ZX Spectrum emulator & utilities Author: (Simon N Goodwin) Uploader: (Simon N Goodwin) Version: 37.6 Type: util/cli Would you like to be able to read analogue joysticks, switch the audio filter, check library and device versions, reset MIDI devices, blink the power LED, check your Amiga chip set or CPU type, start and stop floppy drive motors or change the sex of the narrator device - all from the comfort of your shell or a Script file? All these and much more - including numerous ways to crash the machine - are now available via structured PEEK and POKE extensions for the Amiga Shell. These make automatic program configuration simpler and prevent the need to write and test 'trivial' stand-alone utilities to check or tweak system variables or registers. These concise but powerful commands may be a great leap backwards or a small lunge forwards for the Amiga! They are freely distributable with stand-alone source in assembler, and run on any machine with at least Workbench 2.0. Features: o Permits access to all system library, device and resource variables o Read bytes, words, long words or strings from any memory address o Convenient access to memory pointers, using indirect addressing o Supports input and output in decimal, hexadecimal or binary formats o Allows access to CIAA, CIAB and CUSTOM chip registers by name and offset o AmigaGuide and text documentation with many examples including scripts o Full, well-commented stand-alone assembler source included o Freeware - no restrictions on usage or distribution
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