short : Modern file browser loaded with features author : (Mark Ritter) uploader : mritter0 gmail com (Mark Ritter) type : util/dir version : 2.2 architecture : ppc-amigaos >= 4.1.0 distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 2.68M Date : 19-Dec-18 Download : 💾
A better way to browse drawers Workbench Explorer (WEx) is a modern file browser loaded with the features you are used to, but also with several new functions/features no other file browser has. Turn on Preview pane to: * View images * Read text files * View GIF anims * Play MP3s I hate writing manuals, but do read the included the AmigaGuide and Office compatible doc file. In Preferences->Installed tab there is a list of items that will add extra functionality if they are installed. The purpose of Commodity Mode is to have WEx started at boot up (WBStartup) and will be running in the background. Then using the hotkey (default: LAmiga + E) it will open. Closing the window will ony hide the interface. ###### [2.2 build 9000] - 2018-12-18 Happy Holidays! ### Added - Preferences->Appearance You can now specify listbrowser background colors for the Navigation pane like you can for the Content pane. - Paste, file exists but is delete protected, you are now prompted with Force, Force all, Skip, or Abort. - Tool Type Editor now shows both icon images. - Tool Type Editor, click on the icon image will save the tool types and launch the program for testing. ### Fixed - After making "permanent" changes in Preferences and hit Cancel, those changes are un-done better now. - Preferences->Window->Open on own screen This will disable the window position gadgets since they are not necessary. - Preferences->Window->Save position If checked then the gadgets are enabled. - "Get drawer size" said "No files selected" when it should say "No drawers selected." - When Cut/Paste a link, the linked item was deleted, not just the link. - Paste is better at handling a drawer with the same filename in it. Faster. - Cut/Copy append was not appending correctly. - Delete is better at handling a drawer with the same filename in it. Faster. - Bug that affected some people when using Quit All and some other functions. ### Changed -Preferences->Window Autosave position -> Save position Just to clarify, if this is checked then when save preferences the window size and position will be saved, as well. Once you have your desired size and position you should uncheck this option. - Use my InfoData gadget class where appropriate. ### Removed - Horizontal bar above OK/Cancel gadgets in all windows. Smog. ;-) ****************************** To add context menus support to Workbench, edit the file below. Either just paste these lines to the end of the file, or insert them individually at the top of their respective category. Edit the paths accordingly. APPDIR: does not work for the icon image. Workbench:Prefs/Env-Archive/contextmenus.cfg Work:WorkbenchExplorer/,Workbench,Open Workbench Explorer,CLI,Work:WorkbenchExplorer/WorkbenchExplorer Work:WorkbenchExplorer/,Disk,Open in Workbench Explorer,CLI,Work:WorkbenchExplorer/WorkbenchExplorer %F Work:WorkbenchExplorer/,Directory,Open in Workbench Explorer,CLI,APPDR:WorkbenchExplorer %d Work:WorkbenchExplorer/,Multiple,Open in Workbench Explorer,CLI,Work:WorkbenchExplorer/WorkbenchExplorer %F Work:WorkbenchExplorer/,Drawer,Open in Workbench Explorer,CLI,Work:WorkbenchExplorer/WorkbenchExplorer %F ****************************** ****************************** PLEASE NOTE: smbfs 1.102 does not seem to work reliably when pasting to a NAS drive. Revert to smbfs 1.74 until an update is made to smbfs. ******************************
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