short : Tool for GPS devices author : Marcus "ALB42" Sackrow uploader : polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal) type : util/misc version : 1.0 architecture : ppc-morphos url : Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.89M Date : 2-Nov-18 Download : 💾
GPSTool 1.0 by Marcus "ALB42" Sackrow A test and record tool for GPS devices on Amiga systems. Understands NMEA serial (or USB-to-serial) commandos. Settings: Device, Unit and Baudrate can be set via tooltypes of the icon or as command line parameter (e.g. GPSTool serial.device 0 4800) Tooltypes are preset, remove the brakets and insret your device settings. By default, it uses usbmodem.device Unit 0 Baud 4800. The window: Upper left side shows some data from the GPS device, like position, Height, speed, numbers of satelites we are in contact. Current GPS Date and Time (GMT). Direction of movement in degree. Numbers of points recorded. In the upper right side the satelites position on the sky is shown. Blue satelites are in contact with our GPS modules Gray colored satelites are without contact. (maybe blocked by a building or something) The the lower region of the window the signal strength of the different satelites are shown. Blue ones are in contact with the GPS reciever. Red did send a signal but not a complete init. Below this panel is a little scroller showing infromations about the program, the GPS device and used NMEA commands. If connection is made using GPS satelites "GPS" is written in the Window title, if the Data from Glonass system "Glonass" is written there. If both (or more) systems are used both names will appear in the title of the window. Track Recording: Press the "Record" to start a recording of a track. The software will record round about a point per second. If you press "Stop" the recording ends and the track is saved in GPX format to the same directory with the name Track_date_time.gpx. The GPX file can be open with any software supporting GPX e.g Mapparium. Program made with Lazarus/Freepascal for Amiga Check for Updates and more informations. Versions: 1.0 (11.09.2016) * ADD: Initial Release
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