short : amiga-port of espeak speech synthesizer author : (Jonathan Duddington) uploader : selco t-online de (Alexander Fritsch) type : util/sys version : 2.2 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.51M Date : 23-Feb-18 Download : 💾
This is the amiga port of Jonathan Duddingtons's speech synthesizer espeak. It should behave exactly as the original. It is based on espeak 1.48.15. With espeak you can create speech in several languages. You can output speech via the audio.device (default) or via the ahi.device (--ahi=unit). If your amiga is not fast enough to render the sound in real-time you can write it to a wav-file for later playback. Installation: Copy the contents of the lha file to the desired place. There are the espeak executables in different cpu/fpu flavours and a drawer espeak-data which contains the voice files. Add the destination drawer to the your path variable if necessary. There are no other dependencies. Neither translator.library nor narrator.device are needed. The standard stack size (4096 bytes) should be sufficient. Usage: Please check the internet for espeak usage examples. A few examples are listed below. ; show help espeak --help ; say something espeak "This is Amiga speaking." ; create a sound-file instead of speaking espeak -w speech.wav "This is Amiga speaking." ; show available languages espeak --voices ; say something in German espeak -v de "Das Pferd frisst keinen Gurkensalat." ; There are several voice variants. (Look into the !v drawer.) ; show available voice variants espeak --voices=variant ; speak something with a female voice variant espeak -v +f1 "This is Amiga speaking in a femail voice." ; or in German again espeak -v de+f2 "Fischers Fritze fischte frische Fische. Frische Fische fischte Fischers Fritze." ; espeak can even whisper espeak -v +whisper "Espeak is now also available for the Amiga Computer. But don't tell anybody!" ; or in German espeak -v de+whisperf "Das ist ein Geheimnis!" ; let espeak read a file espeak -f s:startup-sequence ; let espeak speak line by line as you type espeak This is Amiga speaking. ; Press CTRL-C (and ENTER if necessary) to abort espeak and return to the shell. History: Version 1.1 *Initial Aminet realease Version 1.2 *Fixed an Enforcer-Hit / Hang in case audio.device could not be opened. Version 1.3 *Audio is now played from left and right channel, i.e. comming from the center *espeak is now compiled in 3 flavours: plain 68k, 68020-60 and 68020-60+fpu Version 2.1 *Added support for AHI. use --ahi or --ahi=unit (unit=0...3) to activate *Fixed bug in --path handling Version 2.2 *BugFix: in AHI multiline-mode all but the first line were stuttering *Bugfix: CTRL-C did not end the audiotask in case of AHI
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